Best Hot Dogs on Planet Earth
Celebrating Our 10th Year

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Best Hot Dogs on Planet Earth

Depot DogsDepot Dogs is not your ordinary hot dog stand. We are raising the bar, and here is how:

Our hot dogs are made by a sausage maker in Lynn, MA, to our specifications, with a natural casing for that "snap" when you bite into it. The hot dog rolls are made from a famous dutch recipe using potato flour.

We customize our mustard and relish, saute fresh green and red peppers and onions. We make our beer cheddar cheese sauce and use sliver-cut old world kraut.

Our dogs are steamed in guinness beer (alcohol is removed when steamed) and then grilled.

Last, but not least, our red rock chili recipe was handed down to me by an old cowboy the day he died.

So here's to you, and your special hot dog experience ! Enjoy !

Bob, Lisa & Devon Chiappetta.